The Meisel lab uses genetic and genomic approaches to study evolutionary processes in a diversity of fly models. Ongoing research projects include understanding how and why sex determination systems and sex chromosomes evolve; characterizing the genetic basis of intersexual phenotypic variation; and determining the causes of evolutionary divergence in immune systems. To address these questions, the lab combines organismal experimentation, genomic approaches, genetic manipulation, bioinformatics, and computational modeling.

The laboratory technician will maintain fly strains; perform experiments with flies; carry out molecular biology experiments; oversee laboratory supplies and purchasing; and train lab members in laboratory protocols. Interested applicants should email Richard Meisel ( a resume; cover letter describing experience and goals; and contact information for at least one reference. Applications will be reviewed as they are received and continue until the position is filled.

The postdoctoral position requires a Ph.D. and relevant academic experience. The successful applicant will have a background in population genetics, molecular ecology, molecular genetics, evolutionary genomics, bioinformatics, and/or entomology. Responsibilities will include contributing to ongoing research in the Meisel lab, developing independent research projects, and mentoring graduate/undergraduate students. Interested applicants should apply by emailing Richard Meisel ( a curriculum vitae; cover letter describing research interests and experience; and names and contact information for two references. Applications will be reviewed as they are received and continue until the position is filled.

Open Ph.D. Position at The University of Alabama at Birmingham

The Biga and Riddle Labs at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) are seeking highly motivated Ph.D. students to work on state-of-the-art research focused on mechanisms regulating sex-specific aging phenotypes in diverse animal taxa starting in Spring or Summer 2024. Students will work on projects focused on comparative physiology and genomics of aging in fish or fly species as part of the new NSF-funded BII program – IISAGE. (UAB press release.) Students will gain comprehensive training in comparative genomics, epigenomics, energetics, and demography, while engaging in community outreach and professional development. We are looking for students excited about basic science, aging, and comparative biology who are motivated, independent, and ready to grow as a scientist.


1. Bachelor’s degree in biology, genetics, physiology, evolution, or a related field.


1. Master’s degree in biology or a related field.

2. Experience working with live animals in the lab or field.

3. Independent and creative.

4. Experience working as part of a team.

5. Basic knowledge of physiology, math, and coding.


For more information about:

the Biga lab, visit

the Riddle lab, visit

UAB Biology, visit

UAB College of Arts and Sciences, visit

Please contact Dr. Peggy Biga at for additional information.

Open Research Assistant Position at the University of Kansas

The Walters lab at the University of Kansas (KU) is is seeking a self-motivated, detail-oriented biologist to work as a research assistant supporting our investigations into aging and reproductive biology in lepidopteran insects (moths and butterflies), which is part of the larger IISAGE research consortium. This position will be directly supervised by PI Walters, with the primary responsibility being to provide technical support to PI Walters and other senior lab members in pursuit of our research agenda.

Such research support responsibilities include:

  • Rearing and maintenance of insect stocks under various experimental conditions
  • Dissecting and collecting tissues for genomic analysis
  • Performing a range of molecular biology protocols to generate relevant samples and data (e.g. DNA/RNA extraction, DNA damage assays).

Further tasks and responsibilities may include performing cytogenetic, microscopy, or transgenic experiments, bioinformatic data analysis, ordering supplies/reagents, updating/maintaining protocol documentation and public websites, organizing the lab environment, and participation in developing and deploying content for public science outreach/education.

The Walters lab is part of the KU Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EEB) department. KU-EEB has a large, strong, and actively growing community of genomics researchers, who participate in the university-wide KU Center for Genomics. KU is located in Lawrence, KS, providing a very high quality of life and low cost of living. Lawrence is a vibrant, progressive college town with diverse and substantial cultural offerings (theaters, live music, art shows, street festivals) as well as recreational opportunities (hiking, biking, fishing, sports).

Informal inquiries about this opportunity are welcome. Please contact Jamie Walters: