IISAGE Travel Award

Each year, IISAGE will award two – three postdoctoral fellows and/or graduate student members with short-term travel fellowships between our 11 participating laboratories for cross-disciplinary training. These visits will provide IISAGE members with the opportunity to learn a new method not currently available at their home institution from an IISAGE expert. IISAGE experts may also visit host labs to teach fellow trainees new skills and techniques not available in their own laboratories.

This award will support up to $3,500 in traveling expenses (airfare/accommodations) for each recipient. Recipients will be reimbursed for the cost of ground transportation to and from their host laboratory.

Dr. Eric Randolph, PhD, from The University of Alabama at Birmingham visiting Dr. Bronikowki’s lab at Michigan State University where he was trained to perform mitochondrial stress tests and Seahorse Assays.

Applications will open Summer 2024.


To be eligible to apply for the lab travel award, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled in a graduate or post-doctoral degree program. Students who graduate before the end of the lab visit period are not eligible to participate.
  • Be currently working on a research project funded by the IISAGE grant.

Application Instructions

Please submit award applications to Dr. Ashley Webb (awebb@buckinstitute.org) and Dr. Ritambhara Singh (ritambhara@brown.edu) via email using the subject title: “IISAGE Trainee Fellowship (Applicant’s Full Name and Institution)”.

Please include the following in your application package:

  • A completed application form
  • A short, 200-word statement of purpose (pasted into the application form) addressing the following questions:
    1. Which host lab do you plan to visit?
    2. How will the training in this host’s lab complement or enhance your current training?
    3. What skills will you learn from the host lab?
    4. What are the potential outcomes (research paper, poster, section of a thesis) do you expect from your tenure in the host lab?
  • A budget justification worksheet of traveling costs signed by your lab PI. Please use the following Budget Justification Worksheet template.

Application packages must be completed and received by 11:59 PM Central Time on February 12th, 2024. Incomplete application packages or ineligible applicants will not be considered.

Recipients are encouraged to meet with both the host PI and their current PI to discuss the details of their visit. It is important the recipient understands the lab expectations and any additional guidelines they need to follow before they visit the host lab.

If you are an IISAGE postdoc or graduate student interested in receiving this award, please visit www.iisage.org/team for more information on the host lab you are interested in visiting. For more details on the specific skills they have to offer, please email Jordan at jfavors7@uab.edu.

Key Dates

Fall 2024

TBAApplications Open
TBAApplication Deadline
TBDAward Notification/Recipients Announced


For additional information about this award, please direct your questions to our program manager Jordan Favors.

Jordan Favors
Program Manager – IISAGE
Phone: (205) 975-0170
Email: jfavors7@uab.edu