Scientific Vision

Our vision is to leverage evolution to solve a fundamental problem in life-history theory—the way in which we understand sex differences in aging—both mechanistically and demographically. Bridging across disciplines and incorporating studies of both laboratory model and wild-dwelling species, our investigations will provide actionable insights into how and why one sex or the other ages faster. Integrating across these results, we will identify what general principles exist in the processes and patterns governing sex-biased aging, along with what – and why –  exceptions exist. 

Core Values

Mutual Respect.  We approach all of our interpersonal interactions with respect for the perspectives and contributions of others, and acknowledge that there is intrinsic value in having a diversity of experiences, abilities, and capacities.  

Inclusivity and Diversity. We promote access to science and its benefits to all, while rejecting all forms of discrimination. We include participation, perspectives, and approaches from all people. 

Collaboration. We believe that working together towards common goals is critical to success. We encourage and positively value the open and supportive discussion of strategies employed for achieving research and other institutional goals, as well as shared efforts in accomplishing such goals. 

Cooperation. We believe that working together cooperatively can result in greater success than pursuing goals separately because our complementary expertise and knowledge can lead to enhanced productivity. 

Growth. We will foster the growth and development of both individuals and institutions through education, training, and collaboration. 

Research Excellence. We promote integrity, rigorous scientific research, vigorous discourse, and open-minded exchange of ideas to foster resilience in our team and allow for the pursuit of transformative research. 

Curiosity. We are open to new experiences, both in our personal interactions within and beyond the IISAGE community and in our research. We encourage the pursuit of creative research ideas, innovative methods, and new opportunities. 

Responsibility. We will endeavor to conduct research that is reproducible and free from bias. We will share our methods and make our data widely accessible in a timely manner.